Blue By You Ranch

Looking East towards the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range
Welcome: to our Blue By You Ranch via the web site.

Pat and Al live in the foothills of the Cascade Range near Eagle Point in Oregon. Our ranch is a Registered Backyard Habitat for the National Wildlife Federation. In other words we provide homes for wild critters.

We have built this web site in three sections: Llamas, Mountain Man, and Family Genealogy. Pick the section you want to explore, click on either the paragraph title or the picture and enjoy.

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Llamas: The llamas you see here are trusting their care and well being to the Blue By You family. We take this Stewardship very seriously. Llamas tend to rule your life, each personality is so strong, visit the site to find their personal stories and candid pictures. You might see some of our better shots also. A lot of ranches promote form, function, conformation and we like to broaden that to include longevity and temperament. We will include articles of interest as often as possible. Chet and Al - driving partners
Al, Twobeards, taken in 1976 Mountain Man: This section shows Al's life long love affair with the era from the Revolutionary War to WW l. You may see items related to living conditions, tools of the time, and present day hunting laws for Controlled Black Powder hunts.

Family Genealogy: The Genealogy section will be devoted to the Blue By You related families. There will be Pictures; biographies and shady character stories embedded here.

This is an outgrowth from the mountain man interest. Both Pat and Al's family have been in America since before the Revolutionary war. We intend to update as we connect to more family. We have thousands of names and well over a thousand families who seem to come alive in this work.

Happy hunting.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, Al or Pat Grieshaber at [email protected].

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