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Genealogy: Al's word for a window to your gene pool. About the time we moved to Oregon we started writing and collecting information about our families. When a computer came into our lives, genealogy was made easier.

If the names below are underlined, that will be a link that will allow you to open a pdf file telling of that family's information. You must have Acrobat Reader installed in order to view these files.
Al's family names are:
    A. Blue from abt.1720
    B. Green from abt.1800
    C. Hash from 4-22-1723
    D. McKee from bef. 1814
    E. Tucker from bef. 1691
    F. Mayo from abt. 1820
TJ and Nancy McKee 
Photo taken: 
T.J. and Nancy McKee circa 1892
Pat's family names are:
    A. Schwabacher from abt. 1770
    B. D'Ancona from abt. 1860
    C. Rogers from bef. 1540
    D. Davis from abt. 1881
Alfred Active Rogers 
Photo taken: 
 Circa 1912
Alfred Active Rogers circa 1912
We continually get new information on these family lines, along with stories and some pictures. Al's S3 Malcom Blue line has over two thousand individuals and over seven hundred families. If you have any interest in any of these lines we would love to hear from you.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us, Al or Pat Grieshaber at [email protected].

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